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Double Sides Labelling Machine

This machine is suitable for labelling square, round, and flat bottles in the industry of foodstuff, medicine, cosmetic and so on.with advanced function, easy operation and compact structure. Adopt to photoelectricity detection, PLC control, Touch screen software operation, conveyor belts are all stepless for speed adjust, labelling is accurate.at the same time it has the function of no object no labelling, no revising by itself when it is no label,and automatic check. It can use independently and also can use link with other packing machinery for utomatic produce on line,
Square bottle label speed                    50-150bpm
Round bottle label speed                     50-300bpm
Flat bottle label speed                         5-150bpm
Conveyor belt speed                            5~60m/min
Reel bottle conveyor speed                  0~60m/min
Label out speed                                   3~60 m/min
Label precision                                     ¡À1mm
Min length of label                               10mm
Total power                                         2500W
PowerL/N/PE                                       220v 50Hz
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